Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Almost Wingers Sticky Fingers Sauce

The other week we went to Wingers and I didn't get the sticky fingers. I avoided the popcorn and ended up getting grilled chicken and veggies trying to behave. The other wifey friend I was there with DID get the sticky fingers and I was stuck with sticky finger envy through the whole meal. I made a mental note that I was gonna make some at home so that way I could fill this void that I now had.

So here it is. I can honestly say, this is SOOO close to their sauce. In fact it IS their sauce I would say. The only difference I noticed was that it was a little spicier. I enjoy spice so it a was a pleasant suprise.

Almost Wingers Sticky Fingers Sauce


1/3 C of Franks Hot Sauce ( do not substitute. From what I hear, this brand is the only one you can use for this)

1 1/2 C Brown Sugar

1/4 C Water

Yup that is it!! Can you believe that short list of ingredients. I was skeptical but this is definately a keeper.

Add it all together in a sauce pan and heat on medium until the sugar dissolves. Then take your chicken fingers (homemade, fried, oven fried, prepackaged...whatever your choice) and dip each one in the sauce and then serve.


  1. Sarah!!! You are my HERO!!! I have been craving wings like crazy recently and being from NY I miss them terribly! I am way excited to try this thanks and keep up the hard work!!

  2. This and the bbq chicken above looks SO good. I will def be trying after my no-sugar diet is over. Thanks!